At Alexandra’s Cakes, we specialize in our delicious Tres Leches cakes. We pride ourselves in our one of a kind, high quality and always craveable Tres Leches recipes. Along with our Tres Leches, we also offer a great variety of signature cakes, cupcakes and cake balls. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with an unparalleled product and experience for any celebration or occasion.


Alexandra’s Cakes + Desserts was founded in April of 2013 as an online cake shop by our owner and founder, Consuelo “Chelo” Adame. Since the very first day, the Tres Leches cake has been the star of the show. We proudly serve the same Tres Leches recipe her parents have been making since they opened their first bakery (Sandy’s Bakery) in Chihuahua, Chihuahua, MX in 1982. They were no strangers to the world of bakeries and sweets; their dad Manuel is a third-generation baker, and their mom Elvira always had an interest in business finances and operations, so their decision to open up their own bakery was an easy one to make.

After successfully running their bakery in Chihuahua, they decided to move to the United States to expand their opportunities. Chelo’s parents moved to Wichita in the late ’90s after their eldest son had moved to the U.S. to open up his own bakery in what is now the famous Jack’s North Hi Carry Out building. A few years later, the rest of the siblings including Chelo moved to Wichita, KS and together they opened & operated Sandy’s Bakery & Restaurant on the northeast corner of 21st & Rosenthal. Chelo worked as the cake baker and decorator for the family business up until its closing day. She has always had a passion for the art of dessert-making and the joy it brings to people when they consume her delicious creations.

Named after her youngest daughter Alexandra, Alexandra’s Cakes + Desserts was born from the years and years of loyal customers that would still order Tres Leches, flanes & birthday cakes from Chelo. We are so excited to finally open up a storefront & be able to continue to expand the reach of our delicious cakes and desserts to the Wichita, Park City & surrounding area communities.